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the buth tub hasnt fitted in
my body----

or maybe i didnt fit in it...


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Saturday, February 14, 2004
Some Stupid Pop-up

today is valentine and it feels weird althrough out.

i had a lunch with an confident about it.i think its one give away i didnt miss-out

i was feeling really good when i was walking to this cafe when suddenly my grrr--- stupid instintcs destroyed,annoyed,disgust,paranoid my afternoon.

i was thinking about michael's recent revelations and it hit me that this guy is up to something silly.i popped-up quite literally that my books went flying all over the sidewalk.good thing only a moron feline was passing by which by the way is multiplying really fast around the University.

going back to michael's.he said that later tonight he's going to some really kinky place.maybe around the Circle he some love.

i dont believe sure right now his sleeping over somebody's bed .

but sometime,michael can be real kinky.

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Monday, February 09, 2004

im now typing my first blog entry!!im swept away by my excitement. i am completely dumbfounded i cant generate one good topic to i was about to click the mouse,i saw my reflection on the screen and fainted.

one zit.then another.then there is still one on my chin which is very rare.

this day stated rather shy.i was not getting enough sleep lately.and i dont have beautiful mornings either.i feel groogy.these zits are not helping me!~sigh

i started growing zit when i was day i just woke up with itchy mushrooms all over my face and since then they never quitted on growing.i must have really loamy face since i grow them healthily and abundantly.but the strangest part is that they revolt and cease to grow other than my nose!!

yup,on my nose the volcanoes erupt faster than seismograph can detect is a shame that these wicked hills smeared what could have been a dashing pretty face!~haha ya i know,you dont believe me.gone are my ambitions to become a facial wash model.

speaking of facial wash,i have tried a zillion products already.~ok im exagerrating.but none has ever solved my bad case.right now im using Dove but i think the active ingredients of the soap are rather lenient with the grrr--bacteria.i have ttried St.Ives with ginger,mint and some micro felt good at first but after several use,the grrr--bacteria have well adjusted with the medicine they cease to be killed.if i remember my biology right,thats how Darwin's (or Lamarch's) theory works.i have better way of saying it:if the going gets tough,the tough gets going.

the best thing having a pimple on your face is the company it gives you.yup,im serious.when you are stuck at one place alone and procrastinating,you will just love pricking them!you will love the pain you inflict above the itch which makes you paranoid (the itch makes you paranoid). sometimes this unadvisable habit makes me evaluate myself:do i love inflicting pain on myself or am i just giving the itch its pat on the back.

zit is really small,but it makes my world go round.

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